A Visit from the Chancellor of the Exchequer Mr George Osborne to Addison!

We were delighted to welcome The Chancellor, Mr George Osborne, to our company.

The Chancellor’s objective was to visit a high tech engineering and manufacturing company and we were selected by our by our local Conservative MP Mr Paul Maynard. George wanted to try and understand the challenges being forced upon us by the economic recession and credit crisis and how a future government could assist companies like ours.

During his time with us we were able to give a presentation about our business, show George some examples of components we had manufactured for the Airbus A380 ‘Super Jumbo’, Japanese Bullet Train and Mclaren Mercedes Formula 1 cars. This was followed up with a factory tour where George showed a genuine interest in our company and tried to gain an understanding of the challenges we were being faced with.

paul and george sized 2

During our discussions we had the opportunity to present some detailed suggestions of how government policy could strengthen and improve investment for companies like ours. We explained that these changes would allow us to prepare and establish strong foundations in order to thrive and be ahead of the game once the downturn lifts. This would help us maintain and create future employment opportunities not just for ourselves but for our clients too.

Marcus Addison comments “We are delighted that George had taken the time out to visit our company. Clearly he has shown a great interest in manufacturing and is very keen to understand how the government can assist companies like ours. In recent years it feels like the government has neglected manufacturing companies like Addison, focusing on the banking sector and seemingly intent on making money out of money. Now that this sector has come crashing down, it will clearly be left to manufacturing and producers to pick up the pieces and drive our economy into the next decade”.

George thanked us for the hospitality we had shown during his visit and wished everyone at Addison the very best for the future.

Utilising the very latest machine tools, programming software and state of the art measurement and inspection equipment, Addison leads the way in providing solutions that are engineered with precision.