CNC turning centres

Addison has a wide range of CNC turning capabilities, enabling us to produce components that are designed and manufactured with precision. We have created high-specification components for a range of industries and technologies, including mechanisms for Formula 1 racing cars.

All of our CNC turning centres are fully DNC linked to our offline programming system, Edge Cam 10.75, and are equipped with 4-axis solid modelling and 4-axis solid simulation.

Some of our CNC turning centres include:

  • DEAWOO PUMA 2500SY 6 AXIS Turning Centre
  • NAKAMURA SC – 450M MULTI AXIS Turning Centre
  • NAKAMURA SC – 300M MULTI  AXIS Turning Centre
  • NAKAMURA SC – 300M MULTI  AXIS Turning Centre
  • OKUMA LB15 //M X 260mm  Z 520mm Mill/ Drill 12 Station Turret
  • NAKAMURA TMC15 X 200mm DIA. Z 450mm BC 12 Station Turret
  • DEAWOO PUMA 10S X 350mm DIA. Z 1066mm BC 12 Station Turret
  • MORI SEIKI TF2000 X16.9”, Z14.2” 10 Station turret
  • NAKAMURA Super NTMX – A fusion between a 5 axis machining centre and a lathe.  Distance between spindles 980mm.  Maximum turning diameter 220mm.  Maximum turning length 780mm.  Left/right chuck size 6”.  Control system Fanuc F31iA5 9 Controlled Axis.
CNC Turning Centres
50 Million Pound Projects Undertaken

Utilising the very latest machine tools, programming software and state of the art measurement and inspection equipment, Addison leads the way in providing solutions that are engineered with precision.