Laser Scanning Promotion £299 per day!

Addison Purchases a 3D Laser Scanner to Improve Accuracy and Efficiency in Design – This service is being offered to clients for a limited period at only £299 per day!

With increasingly tight planning regulations reducing the number of greenfield developments, there is increased emphasis on revamp, debottlenecking, retrofit and upgrade projects. This has focused attention on engineering data capture in general and laser data capture has swept to prominence. Addison has now purchased a Laser Scanner to improve efficiency and accuracy whilst completing the design process in these types of projects.

The ever present drive for reduced costs and increased value for money has heightened interest in laser scanning. Advances in the technology have reduced the cost of laser scanning in real terms leading to its increased use in refit type projects.


Laser scanning mitigates project risk and reduces design cost by providing detailed “as built” knowledge of the plant, thereby improving efficiency and reducing costly and time consuming mistakes. Mistakes can have particularly damaging effects on refit projects: mis-routing a pipe through some existing feature can have huge knock-on consequences in fabrication, delivery, installation, redesign and modification on site.

Total project cost savings of the order of 10% can be achieved through the utilization of laser scanning.

Find out how you can save money and time using Addison expertise in 3D modelling and laser scanning techniques at these special promotional rates of only £299 per day!

Utilising the very latest machine tools, programming software and state of the art measurement and inspection equipment, Addison leads the way in providing solutions that are engineered with precision.